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We pride ourselves on the talent of our highly-skilled Marketing Intelligence Team (MIT), a core offering dedicated to data, analytics and transparent reporting. Our goal is to let data be the main driver of your advertising campaigns. We use statistics to make decisions with your best interests in mind.

We start with a Campaign Framework, which builds the ideal foundation for you to create a strong data-led strategy for success. This framework ensures your key performance indicators (KPIs) are strong, your metrics are correct and the data is clean. Our team is focused on setting proper goals, collecting clean data and interpreting the data honestly. This framework aligns our campaign goals with your company goals and sets up all the data points necessary to monitor success.

The MIT will evaluate your strategy throughout the duration of the campaign and make continual minor recommendations to the channels based on the data. At quarterly milestones, your Marketing Intelligence Consultant (MIC) will perform an in-depth analysis of the data and execute major strategy changes in order to maximize peaks and minimize valleys that the data forecasts. At each milestone, your MIC will consult with you and recommend any reallocation of budget and other necessary changes in order to continue to maximize success.

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