If you live in the Intermountain West, you’ve heard of Downeast. They offer classic and stylish clothing, furniture and accessories online and in-store.

The Challenge

Our goal was to upend Downeast’s existing online marketing plan for the clothing line, which focused heavily on awareness, and provide a more comprehensive strategy that would engage buyers throughout every stage of their journey. We set out to integrate separate channels, lead buyers through the funnel and increase overall revenue.

Rachel Thurston


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The Solution

First, we identified the stages of the Downeast buyer’s journey and devised a plan to target customers in their respective stages, each with unique goals and KPIs.

Second, we set up proper tracking to determine how shoppers were moving through the funnel, and to figure out where we needed to help them down the purchase path.

Third, we helped Downeast look at data and analytics in a way they never had before, allowing them to make better decisions in regard to which promotions to use in each of the stages.

Finally, we made corrections where necessary if a particular promotion wasn’t working. Gaining valuable insights from the data helped us shape and improve the campaign along the way.


Dressing up Downeast's digital marketing.

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The Results

+20% Unique Users      +15% Return Customers     +30% Thanksgiving Week Revenue