Our philosophy is simple.

(1) Intelligence + (2) Creative + (3) Promotion = (6) Success
In the Digital Age, this is the only way to ensure a successful campaign. If you’re missing any one of these elements, your campaign is a shot in the dark.  


Who is Number Six?

We’re a group of marketing experts providing perfect campaigns for our clients, taking cues from the first perfect number—six. Our proprietor, Paul Huntsman, is the sixth child of the late Jon Huntsman Sr. With intelligence driving creative and promotion, we build strategic marketing campaigns to help your business succeed.

Some of Our Great Clients

Leadership Team

  • Eric Brown

    Vice President
  • David Malmborg

    Senior Director of Agency Services
  • Jill Saunders

    Director of Operations and Marketing
  • Madison Hajeb

    Director of Intelligence
  • Spencer Jacobs

    Creative Director
  • Selva Buberci

    Media Director
  • Dan Butler

    Director of Accounts
  • Jesse Nuttall

    Director of Sales
  • Skyler Chambers

    Business Development
  • Dan Hartman

    Business Development
  • Jamie Werling

    Director of Project Management
  • Bobby Brinton

    Associate Creative Director

Our Certifications